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For over 20 years, Britz manufactures and distributes various kinds of waxes – palm wax and others – for candle-making and also applications in hot melt adhesives and plastics. We are one of the pioneers in modern development of palm applications in candle-making with a purpose-built palm wax manufacturing facility in Malaysia in the early 2000’s. We now produce our waxes from our facilities in Sumatera, Indonesia and Pasir Gudang, Malaysia. 

Apart from supplying wax, we are always looking to partner with our customers to codevelop customised formulas that meet specific product needs.

Our Waxes


Palm wax is our specialty. We are one of the pioneers in modern applications of palm derivatives in candle-making. Over the last 20 years, we have developed a wide range of palm wax formulations that cater for different types of candles and production methods. 


Crystallised wax is used to make free-standing candles with characteristic crystallised finishes. Each of these waxes gives the finished products a unique pattern that your customers will love. These waxes are vegetable based and renewable too, what’s not to like!


In spite of its versatility, palm wax has its limitations in certain applications. Our blended waxes are developed to overcome these limitations. If you have specific requirements for your use case, we will be glad to work with you to develop custom blends for you!


We supply a range of paraffin waxes of various melt points commonly used in candle-making, HMA and PVC. We source our supply of paraffin wax and manage our supply chain through our office in China, ensuring reliability in quality and delivery. 


These waxes are synthetically produced using Fischer-Tropsch process to give them specific and unique physical and chemical characteristics. They offer formulators with more choices from traditional waxes when developing their applications.

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