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Britz started distribution of animal feed additives back in 2004. We set up our first plant producing rumen-bypass fats in North Sumatera, Indonesia in 2014 and followed that up with a second plant in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia in 2018. From these two facilities – both of which are GMP+FSA B2 certified – we manufacture PolyFAT® branded supplemental fats of the highest quality. We also work closely with our partners and customers to produce custom blends that feed the specific needs of our customers and farms.

Rumen Bypass Fats

Rumen bypass fats, also known as rumen protected fats, are supplemental fats for sustaining energy intake in high-producing cattle. These rumen-inert fat sources are designed specifically to increase the energy density of a dairy ration or to allow for high-fiber rations without reduction in energy intake. They represent an economical and effective energy source for dairy diets to meet the higher energy demand for the cattle to reach its maximum potential.

PolyFAT® A600 is a premium supplemental fat designed specifically for dairy cattle. It consists of 100% natural fats through multiple stages of fractionation of palm oil.

PolyFAT® K200 consists of 100% palm fatty acids with high composition of palmitic acids. It is a rumen-stable fat that suits ruminant digestive system to enhance milk production and fertility. 

PolyFAT® 90Plus is 100% fatty acids with a more balance fatty acid composition of palmitic and stearic acids. It provides the same high energy content for cattle as a rumen inert fat source.


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